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Questions To Ask Prospective Preschools
  1. Can you give me an idea of your social, emotional, and academic goals for 3, 4 and/or 5-year-olds? (Should be geared to move children along as individuals as well as groups.)
  2. How will my child be helped to orient to the school?
  3. What is the discipline policy?
  4. What is your teacher-child ratio?
  5. Are your teachers certified / or do they have Early Childhood backgrounds and / or training?
  6. How much communication will I have with the teacher?
  7. How often will I have conferences with the teacher, and when?
  8. How do you handle security?

Things to look at when visiting a center:

The classroom size

  • Is there enough space, but not a lot of wide open space?
  • Are there cozy areas for play with one or two kids?
  • Are the toys in good repair/ the room clean and safety precautions taken (safety plugs, etc.)?
  • Is there an easel and art supplies available to kids at free play time?
  • Is there a dramatic play area?
  • Is there a space for group time activity?

The bathroom

  • Where is it? Is it accessible to kids at all times?
  • Is it sized for kids or are modifications available?
  • Is it clean?

The playground

  • Look for safe equipment, anchored, and away from concrete areas.
  • Is there an alternative play area when weather is bad?
  • Is there a policy about when you can and can't go out?

The kitchen / menus

  • Look for a clean setting.
  • Healthy, balanced meals, nutritious snacks.