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Autism Services

Autism Services for ages 3 through adulthood including day school, transition education, therapeutic residential treatment, and vocational training.

Autism Services

Autism Services for ages 3 through adulthood including day school, transition education, therapeutic residential treatment, and vocational training.

Day School

Monarch School is a chartered, non-public day school for students ages 5 to 21 with Autism. Licensed by The State Board of Education of Ohio, Monarch School provides one-on-one and small group instruction by a team including speech/language pathologists, occupational therapists, behavior specialists, intervention specialists, music therapist, art therapist, recreational therapist and associate teachers.

Why Us

  • The curriculum addresses social skill development, language and communication, executive functioning, academic skills, activities of daily living, fine and gross motor skills, sensory intervention, prevocational skills, and behavior support.
  • Students are assigned to a classroom-based team according to age, language level and academic functioning.
  • Extended School Year helps maintain the consistency of the school year throughout the summer.
  • The Summer Social Language Leadership Program emphasizes building leadership, communication, social and life skills through community service projects and leadership workshops.

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Monarch Preschool is an intensive therapeutic intervention program for children ages 3 to 6 with a suspected or confirmed Autism diagnosis. We provide individualized instruction in a supportive environment that fosters meaningful communication and primary school readiness. The program runs five days a week, 11 months a year. Students may attend full day or half-day (morning or afternoon).

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Nate's Story

When their first born, Nate, was diagnosed with autism at age two and a half, his parents were devastated. They were unfamiliar with the disorder and didn’t know where to turn for help. They watched their son withdraw from the world around him.

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The Soap Shop is one of our simulated on-site work experiences that teaches life skills and work readiness.

Transition Education

Students who attend Monarch School are able to participate in one or a combination of three unique programs starting at age 14. The high school focuses on academics, while daily living and communication/behavior skills are the highlights of the upper school. Our Transition Education Program (MTEP) prepares students for success after graduation in areas of employability, independent living and community inclusion. The curriculum incorporates vocational training, community-based instruction, experiential learning, fine arts, therapy, and transition planning.

MTEP helps promote independence in critical life skills including executive functioning, self-determination, health and safety, social competency, consumer awareness, recreation, and independent living.

Vocational Skills

Students work with speech and occupational therapists, and behavior specialists in simulated and real-world settings to learn, practice and generalize skills.

  • Students participate in vocational skills training at more than 15 community-based partners
  • Job coaching is provided by intervention specialists, speech therapists, and associate teachers at a 1:2 average ratio.
  • Everyday skills are practiced at banks, grocery stores, and libraries.
  • Simulated worksites on campus

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Therapeutic Residential Treatment

Monarch Boarding Academy is a co-ed therapeutic residential treatment program for individuals with autism ages 8 through 20. The program focuses on developing communication and life skills so residents can learn how to function better, allowing them to reunite with their family or step down to a less restrictive setting.

Highlights Include:

  • Secure, home-like setting with single bedrooms
  • Enhances social, behavioral, communicative, functional, and academic growth
  • 24/7 structured and consistent routines, visuals and programming support communication and language goals
  • Complements classroom experience at Monarch School for greater and accelerated gains
  • Residential service plans and IEPs are created in conjunction with Monarch School staff

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