Life & Legacy Giving

Life & Legacy Giving

Your promise today will impact the lives of children tomorrow. Consider a legacy donation.

The birth of a child is full of promise, hope. Typically, one’s thoughts turn to the future, the anticipated milestones on the way to independence. For most, this is the path forward, but not for everyone. Parents whose child struggles with a mental illness or is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder are unexpectedly confronted by different thoughts of the future; how can I help my child? Who can I turn to? What will the future hold?

That answer is Bellefaire JCB. Serving the community for more than a century and a half, Bellefaire continually evolves to meet community needs. Although issues facing our families change, our mission, caring for at-risk children, remains steadfast. Bellefaire is guided by the tenet of tikkun olam, repairing the world. In our case Bellefaire changes the world of children, youth and families by providing exceptional care, education and advocacy in order to promote healing in their community and beyond.

Bellefaire is among the foremost child-centered service organizations in the country; our outcomes the best in the state. Behavioral health diagnoses and autism spectrum disorders will continue to evolve and impact thousands of families each year. Our Legacy donors are people like you who believe that having Bellefaire in our backyard providing innovative and proven education programs, and emotional and behavioral therapies to help our most vulnerable live their best lives is essential to our Jewish community. Your legacy gift will ensure that these vital programs and services are available to all children and families for generations to come. And isn’t that what we want for our Jewish community?

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Create Your Legacy

To learn more about the Life & Legacy program and how to include Bellefaire in your legacy giving, contact Nancy K. Levin.

Life & Legacy Partners

Bellefaire JCB is excited to partner with the Jewish Federation of Cleveland and the Harold Grinspoon Foundation on the Life & Legacy Program.