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Foster Care

Provides family-based placement for youth up to the age of 21 who have been temporarily removed from their home and placed in foster care.

Treatment Foster Care

Bellefaire JCB’s Treatment Foster Care Program provides family-based placement for youth up to the age of 21 who have faced challenges so severe that they must be temporarily removed from their home and placed in foster care. These youth are typically experiencing chronic/ongoing trauma, abuse and mental health issues. To help our foster parents be successful in providing a loving, stable home for the youth in their care, we offer extensive training, ongoing support and access to an array of wraparound services offered by a variety of programs at Bellefaire JCB.

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Foster Care. Changing Lives

Hear one family's journey with foster care in this heart warming video

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Why Us

Bellefaire JCB Is At the Heart of Foster Care

When you are a foster parent with us, you are never alone. We provide 24/7 on-call support and direct access to your case manager. The foster care program is just one among an array of mental health, substance abuse and education programs, and the case management team collaborates with master's level social workers and counselors throughout the agency.



  • High quality, comprehensive manageable pre-service and ongoing training
  • Intensive, convenient weekend licensing process
  • Specialized training to enhance knowledge of severely abused, neglected and traumatized youth


Support and Teamwork

  • Up to five paid respite days per month
  • 24 hour on-call support for crisis intervention
  • Agency provided array of wrapped services and intensive case management including psychiatry, pharmacology management, and individual and group therapy
  • Consistent guidance, support and technical assistance from licensed case managers
  • Foster parent liaison and case aide
  • Monthly foster parent support group

JT's Story

George and his wife Sherry have been getting ready for the Easter weekend visit of their sons. This is no ordinary Easter. Not only does this mark the anniversary of the first foster youth the couple welcomed into their home, but is also the first time that all three of their foster “sons” will be home together.

"Being in this household is one of the best things that happened to me."

Why You

Whether a Foster Parent or Respite Foster Home ... You Can Make an Impact on a Youth.

Courage. It takes a lot to overcome adversity. They have faced challenges so severe that she was temporarily removed from her home. She is trying to find her way. In the right foster home she can learn to make the right choices – and to persevere. You have the power to help an at-risk youth by offering stability, guidance and love.

Whether a foster parent or respite foster home... You Can Make an Impact on a Youth. If you have the qualities below, you could be a successful foster care parent.

  • The desire and dedication to make a diference in a youth’s life
  • Readiness and willingness to work closely with a team of professionals
  • Patience, consistency and emotional maturity
  • A strong, available support system
  • Willingness to adapt own lifestyle to meet a foster youth’s needs
  • The ability to look beyond a youth’s behaviors to understand their needs
  • A caring and understanding attitude and a good sense of humor!


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