Heather and Eric

Heather and Eric

We know you have a difficult decision ahead for you and your baby. Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We would love to welcome your child into our family, and if you wish, talk about how you can remain in your child’s life in the way that makes you most comfortable.

We have been together for over 25 years. We met in college, rowed on the crew team together, and have been together ever since. We would love to grow our family with children. After several years of trying, we were unable to have a biological child together. We are very excited for the chance to adopt and welcome a child (or children) into our lives.

Eric is a high school science teacher. He loves to teach and has a knack for connecting with any kind of student. Eric also loves to figure out how things work, and he can fix absolutely anything. Heather is a pediatrician. She loves being with kids- at work and any other time. She likes movies, puzzles, Legos, and Star Wars. She especially likes being able to laugh and be silly every day. Eric and Heather have 2 cats: LC and Indiana.

We get together with our family and friends often. We enjoy going on vacation together, going camping together, and just hanging out. One of our favorite things is sitting around our big table and having dinner together with others – Eric is an excellent cook! We really enjoy traveling both in America and to other countries. We love our Cleveland sports teams and try to get to a few games every season. Thank you again for reading about us.

With love, Heather and Eric.