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Let's Be Real

Let's Be Real

Let's Be Real: The Truth About Teen Substance Use

"Everyone is doing it!" That's the perception that many teens and adults have when it comes to adolescent substance use and parties, even though the stats say otherwise. SAY's new social norms campaign seeks to dispel this myth by showing students what their peers are really up to on a typical weekend. The campaign features teens from schools all over Cleveland’s East Side sharing every day, ordinary – even boring – activities. Proof that it’s not all about drinking, substance use and parties for most teens.

The misperception about substance use and parties can be damaging as it promotes substance use and partying as the norm or the “in” thing to do. Our goal is to show that the norm is to not use substances or attend parties where substances are being consumed. By having students share their “real” self, we can begin to correct and shift the misperceptions. 

As parents, it is important that you too are aware of what is really happening. Parents who believe that “everyone is doing it” inadvertently give their teens messages that they too should be “doing it.” As parents, you are the most important influence on your teens’ decisions related to substance use. They may not always show it, but they hear what you say.


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